Zion National Park :: Photo Essay

The final ascent up the Angel’s Landing hike. Spectacular views all the way up and down.

Spent an amazing two days at Zion National Park in Utah. Spent a frustrating two nights trying to cook and sleep in tents during windstorms in Zion. Regardless, that place is beautiful but I’ll try let the photos speak that for me. Click read more below to see the rest of the post!

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Smooth Sailing :: Santa Cruz to Zion Park

A week later and I’m sitting outside a grocery store with my good friend Cole changing a flat tire on the grass next to me while Eric and Chris are inside buying provisions. But I’m not going to get into the details about the last few days in Zion, that will be in the next post. Click read more below to see the rest of the post!

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The Sunny Ups and Shady Downs :: Redding to Santa Cruz

So I just have to write this out now or else it won’t ever get written and it will just be photos, which is probably not a terrible thing. The past few days have been an array of ups and downs emotionally, which at times has been frustrating and exhausting. But it’s had it’s joyful moments as well (sorry if I’m digging too deep here and you feel like you’re reading into my journal, but this is what the blog is about.)

When I was in Redding I had a wonderful stay with an old friend from Smithers who is studying there. It was a really enjoyable weekend full of bike rides, frozen yogurt, some serious genuine conversation as well as some solid reflection time. It was so relieving to just be surrounded by such happy and outgoing people – or maybe just people in general. Click read more below to see the rest of the post! 

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The Good, The Bad, The Frustrating :: Bend to Redding

Yesterday was frustrating. The day before was bad, and the weekend prior was amazing. But lets not start with the negatives or else no one will read this thing!

The weekend in Bend. If you’ve ever felt that a town could not possibly be any more attractive, wait until you’ve checked out Bend. It has a bit of everything, and the things it doesn’t have, you don’t need. It was a pleasure to have someone there to show me around, and Eric from Spin Cycle Industries was a champ. He showed me a great time, and had a room all lined up for me when I arrived – I was soaking wet and cold after riding through snow the morning before. Click read more below to see the rest of the post!

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